About ID OnBoard

ID OnBoard

Remote sign-up & authentication of new customers, 24/7

Photo ID


AliasLab ID OnBoard uses multiple ID verifiers and biometrics to sign up new bank customers online 24/7, typically in a matter of minutes. In use by Credit Agricole Cariparma with zero successful fraudulent applications to date.

  • Genuinely revolutionary
  • Remote, robust, reliable
  • Safe yet simple to use
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing processes

ID OnBoard uses photos - taken with the applicant’s mobile phone - of his or her face, passport and other ID (e.g. driving licence) to identify the applicant and open a new bank account. This account can be used shortly after because the record of ID OnBoard of rejecting fraudulent applications - and correctly identifying genuine applicants - is so good.

For further information, please call Aldo Lo Castro today on 0207 859 4612.

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To find out more about how AliasLab's biometric, legally binding electronic signature systems can improve your customer experience and transform your on-boarding and everyday business processes, please contact our Head of R&D and UK lead executive, Aldo Lo Castro.

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