About Secure Call

Secure Call

Strong authentication, wholly out-of-band


Sim card


Secure Call uses the telephone infrastructure (GSM/UMTS/LTE) and biometrics to make online transactions safe and simple.
It combines minimised risk with such ease of use that over 10,000 bank and insurance customers a day, positively enjoy using it.

  • Software as a Service: simple integration
  • Uses mobile phone and internet channels, wholly separately
  • Uses a one-time-password plus sim card ID plus a biometric
  • No app download required to phone or PC
  • Average user time per authentication just 33 seconds
  • Trusted by Credit Agricole, Allianz, Unipol, Banca Generali, TIM Brazil & more

SecureCall is a proven system for authenticating online users who need access to restricted areas such as, for example, banking, corporate intranet and ATMs. SecureCall is also used to authorize transactions such as money transfers. A highly effective anti-fraud tool, SecureCall uses at least two personal factors (OTP + sim card ID), with the option to include - with no user inconvenience or delay - a biometric factor as well. In most cases, this is the user’s voice. Different biometrics (inc. finger vein and iris scan) can be incorporated, as can geo-location.

SecureCall is easy for users: they just have to make a call from their mobile phone. They are recognised by the phone number and by their voice (or other biometric). The solution works with any mobile device, does not require the installation of any application on the phone, SIM or PC.

For further information, please call Aldo Lo Castro today on 0207 859 4612.

Banca Generali uses SecureCall to add the highest standard of security to its transactions from its online banking environment and App.
TIM Brazil uses SecureCall to all its customer to access their online phone account just by calling a toll free number with their registered phone.
Six easy steps: transactions with SecureCall are safe & simple

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